I’m a UX & visual designer living in Vancouver. As a well rounded designer with over 5 years of experience, I combine visual and technical skills, and approach each project with empathy and strategy.



2016-03-15 13.48.07My career journey towards design began when I was only a teenager. I was a classically trained violinist in my early years, but had always had an aptitude towards technical drawing. Drawing pencil line art of old city scenes in perspective, or blending of colours to create landscapes, I would eventually turn that skill towards the digital realm.

Now, over 5 years into my career, I am a well rounded designer. I began in new media and web development, gaining skills in web design and development, and then turned my focus to graphic design. I’ve now shifted to UX & visual design. I knew I could contribute my design skills, as well as apply my empathetic nature to the field.

Much of the work I’ve done has been in the non-profit, social innovation or impact sectors. It is important to me to not only do good work, but to also do good in the world. I’ve had the privilege to work with many great organizations and companies, such as the David Suzuki Foundation, Briteweb, Talent Collective, Take Me Outside Foundation, Epic Design, Vancouver TheatreSports League, Radius SFU Social Innovation, UBC, and Evok Innovations.

I am also currently a part time UI instructor at RED Academy, where I have the privilege of teaching students the design craft and passing on my knowledge.


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